Purchase and download your copy of The Gospel Map. We recommend downloading the small Test version first to make sure the full version will run on your device.

Test The Gospel Map on your device for free before purchasing.

We have made The Gospel Map compatible with as many PCs, laptops and tablets using as many Mac OS X, Windows 10, and previous versions as possible. However, we cannot offer refunds if it is not compatible with your device. So we recommend that you first download and run a free test version before purchasing. It contains the first 9 pages of The Gospel Map. If you can view and navigate through this partial version, then it is very likely that the full version will work on your device as well.


Purchase and download The Gospel Map version 1.6.

You will be prompted for your payment information and receive an email with a link to download your licensed copy of The Gospel Map up to three times within 30 days. Note: The PayPal login page allows paying by credit or debit card if you scroll to the bottom and click the "Pay with Debit or Credit card" button. You will also receive order confirmation and receipt emails.